Button Street, New Haven

Festival of Arts & Ideas Pavilion

In part­ner­ship with Columbus House, the Yale Building Project is ex­cited to par­tic­i­pate in the 2018 New Haven International Festival of Arts & Ideas. Come find us on the New Haven Green at the Columbus House Pavilion.


5/10 1pm

Columbus House Pavilion Kick-Off

For people who experience living without a home, these are compelling questions – perhaps home is a shelter or a make-shift tent in a river side neighborhood along with a community of friends. Join Columbus House as we dig deeper into the questions about where we live, kicking off a week of presentations by advocates for people who do not have a place to call home.

5/11 3pm

Grassroots Organizing with Mothers (and Others) for Justice

Mothers (and Others) for Justice is consistently recognized by the Connecticut General Assembly and by professional advocates throughout the state as an authentic, persistent and consistent voice for people who are poor. Learn how community organizing can empower individuals seeking to promote change in programs and policies that improve the lives of women and their children.

5/14 11am

Tenants Rights Workshop with New Haven Legal Assistance Association

NHLAA will be taking questions about fair housing and provide information about what legal rights you may have if you are unfairly facing housing discrimination, eviction, or landlord abuses.

5/16 11am

Moving Forward Training with Connecticut Fair Housing Center

This training session is designed to help you if you are going through the moving process. Connecticut Fair Housing Center will answer questions about your fair housing rights and and help you understand what tools you have if you are a victim of discrimination.

5/17 2pm

Paddington Storytime with the Connecticut Coaltion to End Homelessness

At this story time kids can explore why it it is important to have a home, and how we can help families who don’t have a home be safe and comfortable. After listening to Paddington's story, children can draw what having a home means to them and learn how they can help to make sure there are resources available to protect families from being homeless.